I’m Back baby!

453 days. The length of time since I have been to a sporting event. In real life, that doesn’t matter, but in the fun world of this website and what makes me happy, it feels like forever. With outdoor capacity restrictions mostly lifted, my vaccinated self is ready to enjoy a game again in a normal-ish setting. Since a big part of what I evaluate on this website is the atmosphere and fan support it was important for me to not experience a new place until the ability to have a true crowd was back in place.

With that being said, my stadium return will occur in the great state of Virginia next weekend. The trip starts in the Hampton Roads section of the state and I’ll get there by using the architectural marvel that is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. I’ve been to Norfolk – Virginia Beach before, but I haven’t spent time on the Peninsula and that’s where most of Friday will be. The game site is War Memorial Stadium in Hampton as the Pilots of the Coastal Plain League take the field at 7:00 PM. Then on Saturday, it’s over to the State Capital. Daytime exploring in RVA will finish with a USL League Two game featuring the Richmond Kickers at City Stadium. Not only do they have a fantastic logo, but the Kickers also make me reminisce about all the games I used to attend in Rochester back in the old A-League. Sitting in the stands and checking out the entire experience will be great again and plans for future games have been set in the upcoming schedule as we hit the open road!

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