1. Never had a chance to visit this arena but I remember as a kid seeing the Hershey Bears come to town to play the Kentucky Thoroughblades. One of their fans told me the entire city smells like Hershey’s Chocolates. Would have loved to attend a game here.

  2. First of all, I have to thank you for putting all of these arenas on the web – I love seeing what they look like & have been stuck on this site for 3 days now. I too remember the Hershey Bears back during the days of our Richmond Robins – brings back great memories of my dad taking me & my 2 brothers to the Richmond Coliseum to see the Flyers’ top Farm team (Richmond Robins). My dad was from Philly & my Uncles up there all had Flyers season tickets, so it was cool to have a connection to the Flyers when they won it all (given that we got to see Dave Shultz, Oris K., Rick Mcleash (?), etc pass thru Richmond as they made their climb to the NHL to win several Stanley Cups). Anyway, I didn’t know at the time that the Bears played where Wilt the Stilt scored his 100 points, it was great to get a glance at this old barn! Thanks again, and keep adding moare holdings. BTW, thanks for including the Richmond Coliseum & the Diamond, but you really need to go see the VCU Rams in their Siegel Center – now that’s an atmosphere!

    1. Thanks…what is amazing about HersheyPark Arena is how professional hockey was held here until 2001. I can’t imagine 7,000 in that tight barn, but man what an atmosphere. My visit to Richmond was great and I desperately want to get to a VCU game in Siegel. It’s just a shame in my eyes they left the CAA…Yes, the A-10 provides more money and opportunity, but leaving the Colonial is like leaving family. I’m sure its hard for Richmonders to envision a season without seeing the likes of Old Dominion, George Mason, William & Mary, etc.

  3. Hersheypark is still being used as the Bears practice facility..Sean the Bears played their final regular season game at Hersheypark in March of 2002..the final game was a Western Quarterfinal loss to the Houston Aeros a few weeks later..GIANT Centre opened in October 2002..I was at both the final regular season and final game at Hersheypark with my mother

  4. It is not true that the arena isn’t used – Lebanon Valley still plays here although they are now ACHA Division I instead of NCAA Division III.

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