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#91 The Palestra

The Palestra Exterior


The Palestra Exterior

The Palestra Concourse

Palestra Interior

The Palestra Interior

The Palestra Interior

The Palestra Interior

The Palestra in Philadelphia, PA: My favorite venue of 2011

One Response to “#91 The Palestra”

  1. Rob said

    Nice review! The Palestra really is one of the best places to watch basketball; more so in the winter when it’s not an oven (no AC). Make your way back sometime; Jerome Allen is really righting the ship and bringing Penn basketball back to prominence with some great recruiting, and the team will be much better (and therefore probably much more popular on campus as well) within the next 2-5 years (unfortunately, I won’t be a student any more by the time they’re really good again, but I’ll make my way back for as many games as possible). I hear you on parking, it’s ridiculous. It might’ve improved with the completion of Penn Park, but I’m not sure. There’s now a video board at one end, which is kind of cool, if not a little strange in such an old building. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this review and I’m glad you had a good time at the game–come back sometime! We play Temple in mid-November; that should be a fun game, if not lopsided (I hope not!) Cheers!

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