Visions Veterans Memorial Arena



  1. You’ll need to head back soon — the Arena has received a new outdoor marquee, new front steps, new front glass on all levels, a new box office; on the concourse there are all new concessions, with some new lighting and HD TV’s throughout; in the seating bowl all the seat have been replaced with nee Senators’ red cushioned seats, new safety nets, new dashers and glass (with clear supports to improve views down the sides), the Calder Cup Championship banner was moved (over the Sens goal), and new LED arena lights (which flash and strobe in patterns when the Sens score). Plus, the corner video boards will be removed and replaced in the summer of 2014 with a center hung score/video board with LED rings.

  2. This review seems very harsh of one of the arenas and fanbases that inspired the classic hockey movie “Slap Shot.” Most hockey fans consider this one of the BEST old school hockey barns that has continually housed a professional team for 50 years and counting.

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