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Welcome! I have always been an extremely avid sports fan and along with that, I am fascinated by sports stadiums. Arenas, ballparks, stadiums, they all interest me. Not only do I love visiting the buildings themselves and admiring the architecture, design and unique touches to each one, but the other part that I really enjoy is being a brief part of each team’s culture. It’s great to visit a different town or city and experience what makes that place who they are.

I try to visit a new stadium once a month, which can vary depending on work and/or travel plans. Occasionally, my very supporting wife accompanies me on these visits. She only really enjoys the side trips and the distracting part of the sporting events, but I am happy when she joins along. To be counted as an official stadium visit, I must attend a game at that facility. The updated list of official visits completed can be found in a couple places: on the top menu (Visits) and in the right side bar (Master Visit List). After each visit, I review the complete stadium experience, and those reviews are organized in various ways on the side bars. Because I wrote over 60 reviews in Microsoft Word before even starting this website, the simplest way for me to do this is to copy and paste as an image. In fact, you will see that in a lot of spots, especially because it was more format friendly for me to do so (programmers are shuddering right now). Stadiums are ranked as well and though this is all for fun, a rather thought-out system has been refined many times. The rankings and definitions can be found by clicking here

Often on this site, I will refer to “The List“. This is my home base in terms of picking which stadium to visit. I started The List as a kid in the mid 1990s when dial-up and shoddy internet made this a three year task. Basically, it is all the professional (major and minor league) and college facilities used for organized sports in the United States and Canada. I had to put some sort of cap on the seating capacities because I didn’t want to be listing and visiting fields that were just a stand of bleachers, so minimum seating capacities for ballparks and arenas are set at 3,500 while football, soccer and tennis stadiums are 8,000. If a stadium is either inactive, does not host a sports tenant or does not consistently host a sporting event (like a tournament), they will not be on the List. While the inclusion of High School facilities is a debatable subject I have wrestled with for years, they are currently not on the List. However, State or Regional High School Tournaments held at a consistent venue that meets capacity standards will be on there. Once a month, I will go through leagues that are beginning their season and make sure the stadium information remains accurate. If you have any suggestions or see any errors, please send an email ( Also, if you use the list or any pictures on the website, please just ask permission. Thank you!

Personally, I live in Northwest New Jersey and am living my lifelong dream as a meteorologist. I am originally from Rochester, NY and enjoy visiting back home. True to my region, I am a long-time, die-hard Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan. I also still follow the local Rochester sports teams and vow to come back if the Amerks, Red Wings or Rhinos play a home championship game. Though I enjoy all sports (except NASCAR), College Basketball is barely hanging on as my favorite. The last few years have been rough watching the Sports Bubble evolve and football dominate the college landscape. Syracuse University used to be my team, but their big-school antics have really bothered me and I have become turned off. I’ve turned mainly into a follower of the smaller school leagues and keep hoping for the day that my Alma Mater, Oswego State University, turns Division I (C’mon there is a perfect spot in the America East Conference!). As for other sports, the NFL and NHL are big with me and Soccer is quickly rocketing up in the tier of sports I closely follow, where my passions lie with the USMNT, Everton FC and the Rochester Rhinos.

While my love of sports stadiums has evolved from architecture to travel and atmosphere, all aspects of visiting a new facility are enjoyable to me. Though most times I strive to achieve something to completion, there is no number in mind for places to visit, I just want to enjoy the ride. Besides, you never know what might happen at a game: