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#89 Hart Center




2 Responses to “#89 Hart Center”

  1. Tim Breen said

    Hey, what you do is great and I find very interesting. With that being said though I think you should take the time and go back and look at some of the new renovations. In particular Holy Cross who added a beautiful practice facility and field (120+ yards for all sports including football,) they also made a new court The feel of the stadium is much more modern but still has a “high school” feel to it. It conclusion, the Hart center at the Luth is very cool and worth checking out, thanks.

    • Sean Rowland said

      Thanks Tim, I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, with a one-time visit, the review can get outdated quickly with so many buildings getting renovated these days, it’s hard to keep up. I have yet to visit Fitton Field for a football game, so I’m looking forward to getting back to Holy Cross at some point down the road and seeing the updates to the Hart Center.

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