The List

This is The List…Included are the stadiums and arenas for each professional team in the United States and Canada that meet a set capacity minimum. Also included are college venues and high school championship facilities in the U.S. The seating criteria was established to try and eliminate very basic stadiums (like gyms or fields with just some bleachers). Excluded is grassy berm seating. The seating capacity limits are:

Arenas: at least 3,500
Ballparks: at least 3,500
Stadiums (football or soccer): at least 8,000
Stadiums (tennis): at least 6,000

The venue has to be active with some type of consistent sporting event to stay on The List. The team that you see listed for the stadium is generally the main tenant, but of course there are other tenants that may call that arena or stadium home. Many times, it is difficult to find an official seating capacity, so if you see one that needs to be corrected (or any other errors for that matter), send me an email. Thanks!