Prudential Center


    1. The fire lounge platform is only used for the TV cameras and the home (or national) TV broadcasts. The press box is located up in the rafters along the east side of the arena, directly above sections 225 through 233.

  1. When I attend an event at Prudential Center, I avoid the food inside the arena, which I find to be both mediocre and overpriced (especially the french fries, which have so much salt on them that I felt like I was eating one of those so-called super pretzels) and have dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, which is right across the street from Prudential Center. I start with either chiptole jumbo chicken wings or bedeviled eggs for an appetizer and then have a three meat combo, usually St. Louis style BBQ ribs, brisket and hot sausage along with mac and cheese and BBQ beans. This place can get crowded if a Prudential Center event is sold out, so make reservations in advance to be on the safe side. As for the food at Prudential Center, the only items that I can recomend are the souvenir sodas and the Carvel ice cream.

  2. Been coming here for almost every game the past 3 years but i have to say everything has changed after you described this post I just didn’t realize how much has changed. Crazy.

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