The Plight of the Lake County Fielders continues

Last year, I wrote about the Lake County Fielders and what a joke they were as they tried to build a “pop-up” ballpark in the span of a few months. That ballpark ended up being a bare-bones, temporary facility with just a bunch of bleachers set-up. The team moved from the Northern League to the North American League (one of the most ridiculous independent leagues created in a long time) and the antics of this wayward franchise have become worse. Ballpark Digest has been great in detailing the craziness and the biggest news was when many players and employees were “released” after a boycott due to team members not getting paid. This then led to shanagans in Yuma when position players pitched and pitchers went out to the field (along with Yuma manager Jose Canseco taking to the mound to “even things out”). The Fielders then went on to blame their home of Zion, IL for “not providing them with an adequate ballpark”. Things got even wackier over the weekend when play by play announcer, Qumar Zaman quit on the air with a speech that had everything (references to wrestling, Edward R. Murrow and a slow awkward clap). Have we ever seen a franchise this publicly inept?

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