Giving the IronPigs Another Chance


#59 on the visit list was a new ballpark we saw in Allentown, PA three years ago, Coca-Cola Park. I was underwhelmed by the stadium and despite all of the accolades it received, I just couldn’t warm up to it being a mind-blowing ballpark. Sure it was nice and had some features that were great (scoreboard, food, 360-degree concourse). Maybe, it was just the cold-weather that put me in an unpleasant mood….so, it’s time for a revisit after giving this young ballpark some time to grow. Besides, it got 70 out of 100 points in the rankings, good enough for #8 in the ranking of 33 minor league ballparks seen. I’ve also been impressed with their remarkably consistent attendance which led all of the minor-leagues last year and in their fourth season, continues to have a higher season average than seating capacity thanks to standing room only. So, I’ll be there tomorrow with an open mind on a much warmer day, hoping that this ballpark does indeed exceed expectations.

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