Back to BC (and Bentley too)

We’re on a rare nice string of monthly stadium visits and it continues this weekend with a basketball-hockey doubleheader. Fresh off a fall trip to Chestnut Hill, I am heading back to complete the facility reviews at Boston College by seeing a game at Conte Forum. The arena is attached to the football stadium and I’ve already had a look inside, so there won’t be much surprise when going through the gates. The biggest question was whether I wanted to see basketball or hockey. I’m starting to get the itch to see all college hockey venues, but in the end, the schedule fit basketball best. The Eagles take on Notre Dame at 2 PM and that’s the game we’ll see as this is a quick trip with very limited time outside the sporting events. I would figure to be leaving Conte Forum between 4:00 and 4:30 PM, which is just enough time for an evening game somewhere in the area. My original pick was to go see a New Hampshire hockey game in Durham, but I didn’t want to sweat being delayed as I like to get to an arena well before game-time to do a full tour. Unfortunately, that’s the only facility on The List available. I went back and forth for awhile and in the end I want some time at the arena and also want to combine it with a trip to UNH’s football stadium, so I’m gonna save it. At the same time, I’ve really enjoyed my recent college hockey games and I remembered that nearby Bentley University just built a new arena that opened last year. They are also in a Boston Suburb (Waltham) and even though the arena is very small (< 2,000 capacity), I’m going to still go check out. That game is against Air Force at 7 PM and I’ll stay overnight in Watch City before heading back Sunday Morning.

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