Conference and a Ballpark

This coming week, I’ll be heading to the SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium for work and the host city is Cleveland. I’ve never been to Cleveland and I was pleasantly surprised to find a good amount to do in the city if/when we have any down time. It’s not just about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here as there is a lot more than that. Our hotel is conveniently downtown and a five-minute walk to Progressive Field. My dramatic schedule unveiling to see if the Indians were home ended in disappointment as the team is on a road trip. I’ll still try to take a very early morning walk before the show to see an outside tour of Cleveland’s three major-league sports facilities that are all downtown. Now just because the Indians are away doesn’t mean the stadium scene is shot. Within an hour drive of the area, there are three ballparks. One of them, I’ve been to (Akron’s Canal Park), so it was down to two chances for a Tues-Thurs home game. The Lake County Captains were the winner as they are playing Fort Wayne at 7:00 PM Thursday Night. That Thursday timing worked well last year as the trade show wraps up around 5 PM and I did a similar thing in Montreal, by going to see the Alouettes play. This year, I’ll be driving and I’ll make the 20-30 minute drive out to Eastlake for the game and my first Midwest League ballpark. If I get there early enough, I’m hoping to try authentic Croatian food or at least make a stop at Biagio’s for one of their famous donuts. The weather looks good right now and looking forward to visiting Classic Park later this week.

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