An Upcoming Weekend Stadium Trip


Last year, I had a trip planned to Wisconsin for Badgers Basketball and a couple hockey games. Those plans were derailed by an accident that required surgery, which meant I at least got an exchange on my plane ticket. With that ticket only good for a year, I’ve been searching for the right set-up and it was found in Michigan this weekend. The combination of game times, flights and region familiarity made this the trip I decided on. I’ll fly out to Detroit and arrive Friday Afternoon, which (hopefully barring delays) will give me time for the evening Michigan Hockey game at Yost Ice Arena in nearby Ann Arbor. When I cram as many stadiums as possible into a trip, I usually look for a place that I’ve already been to, so I don’t feel jipped in missing that city’s attractions. In this case, I was in Ann Arbor a year ago and did some sightseeing while in town, so the limited time here is ok. On Saturday, I’ll drive an hour north to Flint, where I will indeed be spending some leisure time and I look forward to proving that the city is not as bad as the media portrays it to be. A museum, the Farmers Market and a walk downtown proceeds an afternoon matinee with the OHL’s Firebirds as they take on Sault Ste. Marie. Right after the game, it’s back to A2 for the start of the college basketball season! It pained me not to visit my favorite type of stadium last year and I very much am looking forward to seeing the Wolverines season opener at the Crisler Center. The final game of the weekend will be in the town next door as the beautiful Convocation Center in Ypsilanti will host the Eastern Michigan basketball game during the afternoon. Crossing my fingers for smooth sailing as this trip includes a bucket list facility (Yost), my 5th OHL arena (25% of the league) and a couple games featuring my favorite sport. Back next week with a wrap-up and the reviews of each facility!

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