2016-2017 Basketball Arena Updates


In the world of basketball this season, years of anxiety have finally disappeared in Sacramento as the Kings move in to their new digs, ensuring that they will remain in Sactown for years to come. The arena formerly known as Arco has given way to the Golden1 Center, a facility right in the middle of downtown. This new arena continues the trend for California stadiums to lead the way in technological design, both inside and out. By all accounts, it seems like AECOM did a terrific job as the first few months have been received well, though a couple people falling on the stairs in the upper deck is not good. With the Kings now in Golden1, it looks like the days of functional arenas built in the 70s and 80s is just about over as Milwaukee and Detroit are soon to depart as well. Moving down to the D-League, more NBA affiliations come on board as the Long Island Nets and Windy City Bulls debut this season. If you read this site enough, you’ll know how much I loathe those moves. The Bulls at least will be at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates, while the Nets will probably play in front of 137 people at Barclays. A little better is the arrival of the Greensboro Swarm and even though the colors/nickname have nothing to do with Greensboro and everything to do with the Hornets, at least they are in another city. The Swarm will play in the Greensboro Coliseum. A couple of team moves: Utah’s affiliate in Idaho has gone to team headquarters as they set-up shop in the Salt Lake City area, specifically the 5,000-seat arena at the Community College in Taylorsville. Lastly, a relocation I do like is the one that involves Bakersfield as the Jam (who played in what looked like a YMCA gym) have gone to Prescott Valley and a legit minor-league arena. The name could use work: Northern Arizona Suns. Argh, why is it only baseball that embraces local community!

In College Basketball…Well, Hello Dakotas! The two new arenas opening this year come to us from the Northern Plains and both are significant upgrades. In Fargo, North Dakota State University moves in to a new basketball home for the Bison: The Scheels Center (not to be confused with the city’s main indoor facility: Scheels Arena, where the Fargo Force plays). It’s nice, but it does feature telescopic seating. Pictures seem to indicate that the new Sanford Coyote Sports Center at the University of South Dakota has a nicer interior as there is plenty of red school color with the permanent seating in what looks like an intimate seating design close to the court. There were some arena renovations this year as well, most notable is a place that is an icon in the sport: Indiana’s Assembly Hall. A $40 million gift from Cindy Simon Skjodt led to needed renovations and designers did a terrific job of focus efforts on maintaining the remarkable atmosphere and seating, while still producing upgrades. Their focus on that preservation is evident, while their upgrades include a beautiful new lobby/atrium that highlights Hoosier history. Great job treating one of the special and unique places in the sport with care. Other renovations debuting this season occur at Florida’s O’Connell Center and at the Cajundome down at Louisiana-Lafayette.


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