Holiday Weekend BBall


So why is that above logo the old one for the Buffalo Bulls and not the newer one? Because I hate it! That wordmark/primary logo is probably my most hated in college athletics because of the shameful marketing and attempt at branding. Why the “New York” is so heavily emphasized boggles my mind because if they were trying to draw potential applicants to the school because they see “New York” and think New York City….well that’s a poor, misleading attempt since NYC is the same distance away as Cincinnati (6 hours and 30 minutes). Even if they want to go with “New York” like many other state schools do at flagship locations (ie. Nebraska, Penn State, Indiana, etc), it just doesn’t work since Buffalo is not the primary center for the SUNY system. Albany, Binghamton and Stony Brook can argue that. Blah, anyway, rant over…Happy Thanksgiving! While up in the Rochester area for the holiday period, this Saturday afternoon, I’ll be heading over to UB’s campus in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst for a Big 4 matchup against fellow local school, Canisius. I’ve been to Alumni Arena before, but my pictures from that visit in 2004 came out horribly, plus I didn’t get any good exterior shots as it was dark out. Interesting note, this will be the third (out of four) team that I see Jim Baron lead. He enters his fourth season leading the Golden Griffins after stops at Saint Bonaventure and Rhode Island.


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