Saturday Basketball in Western PA


It’s January and college basketball is in the process of getting into the conference-play portion of the season, the best time to make a visit for a couple of games. I wanted to make sure that students were back on campus at whatever arena I went to see and most are still on break this weekend, except out in Western PA, where both Pitt and Duquense are into the Spring Semester. Unfortunately, they play at practically the same time (12 and 1 PM respectively). With my shift for work not ending until 12 AM Friday Night, sleep will be limited before heading out early Saturday Morning for the five hour drive, so I’m going with Duquense’s 1 PM game against Rhode Island at the AJ Palumbo Center. Now surprisingly in that region, there are a couple of D-II basketball arenas that make The List with a seating capacity over 3500, so the timing works out nicely as after the Dukes game, I’ll drive 50 minutes to the south to California (PA) for a 5 PM tip at their relatively new Convocation Center. Should be a quick, efficient journey before heading back to NJ Sunday Morning.

Studying all of this stuff for awhile, I think I have plans for future day trips to this part of the country. My thinking for separating trips out is Pitt and Indiana (PA) bball; Steelers and Pitt volleyball; Penguins and Johnstown hockey. We’ll see if that pans out, but it’s a nice/neat thought at least. In the meantime, I’ll focus on Saturday…look for a recap next week with reviews to follow including a pair at Stadium Journey.


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