Scenic Stadiums

PNC Park Interior

Seeing beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh host meaningful baseball got me to think a little more about the most scenic stadiums that sport has to offer. Since football and baseball are the most prominent outdoor sports with a view, here are some of the best:



………1.  PNC Park  –  Widely acclaimed, I was lucky enough to experience a game and can whole-heartedly agree that the view from behind home plate is breathtaking.

………2.  AT&T Park  –  Opposite to Pittsburgh’s man-made view, the one in San Francisco is natural. Directly over right field is the San Francisco Bay.

………3.  Spring Mobile Ballpark  –  The AAA home to Salt Lake features the Wasatch Mountains towering beyond the outfield.

………4.  Modern Woodmen Park  –  Though prone to flooding, this ballpark’s highlight is that of the Centennial Bridge over the Mississippi River. Home of the Quad Cities.

………5.  MCU Park  –  The best of both worlds in Brooklyn with one side featuring historic Coney Island, while the other is the Atlantic Ocean.



………1.  LaVell Edwards Stadium  –  Another Utah stadium that uses the Wasatch Mountains. An amazing setting and I love the BYU logo on the side of the mountain.

………2.  Husky Stadium  –  Maybe the most notable scenic setting. The Huskies home has the benefit of both Lake Washington and the Cascades.

………3.  Michie Stadium  –  Army’s home is a must-visit in October, where the surrounding hills are beautifully changed into brilliant fall colors.

………4.  Washington-Grizzly Stadium  –  Alternately, November may be best for Montana’s stadium as the nearby mountain is best viewed with a fresh snow cover.

………5.  Memorial Stadium  –  This particular Memorial Stadium is in California (Berkley to be precise) and it is the towering (and historic) oak trees that make this place stand out.


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