One of my Favorites


Back in 2002 when I started this venture, I never thought that one of the first ballparks I visited would be one of my favorites. Not sure if it was lack of experience, but I have a fond memory of Jerry Uht Park in Erie and I’m thrilled to go back and see if it really is great or just me hyping it up in the excitement of making my initial road trips and visits. It probably will be the former, but I absolutely love the unique seating design and will be sure to sit on the first base side. This visit came up at the last moment as I will be going home to visit family in Upstate New York. An early work shift allows just enough time to cross the state of PA and see Erie take on Bowie Thursday Evening before heading up north after the game. The timing is perfect as I plan on finishing a visit to every Eastern League ballpark in August and this will give me a fresh take on the stadium along with some badly needed digital pictures.

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