Returning to Reading


Friday, we’ll be making a return visit to see the Reading Royals and the Sovereign Center to update a couple reviews. Along with writing a review for Stadium Journey,  I really want to fix up my Sovereign Center review, which was written seven years ago. Speaking of that, the review cleaning-up process is coming along as all football venues have been done and I’m now on to basketball and hockey arenas. Anyway, what I remember most about my trip in 2005 was the giant road closed sign on US-222 as I made my way back to Jersey. Without GPS, that was not a fun feeling, especially given how new I was to the region, just moving down for a job a few months prior. That incident made me switch to the Rt 61 to I-78 route whenever I returned to Reading. I also remember what an old-school building the Royals had, despite the 2001 opening. Loved that small design promoting a great atmosphere and I hope to see an energetic crowd upon my return. Looking forward to checking up on the Royals again and I’ll have something written up this weekend.

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