Up to Binghamton Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow Night, I’m off to Binghamton, NY for a visit to the defending AHL Calder Cup Champion, Binghamton Senators. I’ll be there to work on a review for Stadium Journey, but it also will be a re-visit to an arena I last visited in 2004 and I’ll update my review a little too (along with taking some pictures from a digital camera of which I didn’t have eight years ago). What I remember most from the old 1970s barn was that the place was rocking during my first visit and I hope Sens fans continue to bring it. The original plan was to come up to Binghamton for a game next Sunday (March 4th), but this works out better with my schedule. One side note…the Sens are playing Norfolk, a familiar team for me as this will be the 3 out of the last 5 AHL games I’ve been to where Norfolk is the road opponent.

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