June Stadium Updates

This month’s June updates on The List are mainly for the collegiate Summer baseball leagues and there was one big change up in New York state. The NYCBL was one of the more stable leagues, however there was a philosophy disagreement. It seems some teams and executives wanted a more advanced league with more teams at old NY-Penn League stadiums than at high schools or smaller fields. The result was the development of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League and many there are in old NYPL or Pony League facilities. I love that this league keeps these old ballparks in play with tenants still filling them. Cities like Elmira, Glens Falls, Cooperstown and Watertown all are featured on The List with old ballparks that remain alive in the summer-time. I loved visiting both Dunn Field and I’m glad to see it still going strong.

Some other good news out of the world of small parks…the debut of Old Orchard Beach Ballpark in the NECBL! Old Orchard Beach used to be home to the Maine Guides in the AAA International League during the mid 80s. After the Guides left, the ballpark decayed, sat unused and even caught on fire. But a few years ago, volunteers brought the stadium back and now it is playable with the Raging Tide calling it home. What a tremendous job by the folks in Maine and it is so rare to see a ballpark saved. Congratulations and nice work!

Elsewhere, a new ballpark opened in Pomona, NY a few days ago as Provident Bank Park is the new home of the Rockland Boulders in the Can-Am League. I’m looking forward to making that short drive in the near-future to see the stadium…Unfortunately, Bristol and Lowell folded in the NECBL and that means there ballparks were on the verge of becoming vacant. However, high schools will still play at Muzzy Field and Stoklosa Alumni Field, respectively, so they will stay on The List….One peculiar thing I found was up in Nashua, NH. Historic Holman Stadium is back as the team plays in the Futures CBL, however, the seating capacity which used to always be listed over 4,000, is now stated as 2,825 on their website. Very odd especially because I don’t think any renovations were done. Unfortunately they’ll be left off the list as that ballpark is under the 3,500 seating capacity standard.

That’s it on the updates for awhile, likely until September when football and junior hockey get back into action.

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