Few Updates

I was unable to make it to HersheyPark Stadium this past weekend for the PIAA (Pennsylvania) High School Football championships as unfortunately, I had to work. I did venture into the state, to nearby Bethlehem’s Christkindlmarkt which was pretty cool. Anyway, I kind of expected this to be a tough go as December is always a difficult month to get in a new stadium as the last time I made it was in 2007 (Stony Brook Arena). As of now, I have no firm plans, but I would like to get to one of the following college basketball venues sometime in January: The Palestra (University of Pennsylvania), Liacouras Center (Temple University) or the very nearby Kirby Events Center in Easton (just added to The List when I  tweaked the seating capacity requirements down to 3,500). In February, I want to either get to another one of those venues or if I have a free weekend, get in a doubleheader on a road trip.

Also, I’m going through all the Stadium Reviews and making sure the pictures are clickable. Not sure, why they weren’t before, but I’m 2/3rds of the way done. The actual review part (which I’ve done in Word for years and then recently pasted them into the page) will be clickable too.

That’s about it…very interesting to see outdoor football again in Minneapolis last night. That video of the Metrodome roof collapse was incredible. 2011 will be intriguing in Minnesota since they’ve been pushing for a new stadium. Part of me is saddened, because that was my favorite NFL Dome venue. I thought the appearance inside was a little better than the others and that place can be deafening. Happy Holidays!

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