Random Bullet Points (Islanders potential move?)

Could the Nassau Coliseum be without the Islanders?

– Saw a great article on Fanhouse from Kevin Schultz regarding the New York Islanders and the Nassau Coliseum that really sums up the whole situation out on Long Island really well. A few months ago, the proposed Lighthouse/Arena project looks dead and the Islanders seem stagnant in a dump of an arena. Attendance is woeful and inside feels like a minor league game. It’s a shame because that place was absolutely rocking nine years ago when there was a resurgence. Then when they played Buffalo in the playoffs four years ago, it just didn’t seem the same. I know there is a hardcore group of Isles fan (in fact, I know a couple) and hopefully the situation gets better out on the Island.

– Speaking of possible relocation in the NHL, here’s my order that I would like to see with relocated/new teams: Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hartford, Kansas City, Seattle, Hamilton. I never want to advocate any city losing it’s team because it is heartbreaking, but we all know there are some cities that never belonged in the league. Anyway bringing Winnipeg back would be awesome. That city and hockey, would be amazing. Plus they have a terrific new venue in the downtown MTS Centre. I know it’s a bit small (15,015), but it’s suitable. I’m not too high on Hamilton, because of the proximity of Buffalo and Toronto…plus almost all of Southern Ontario are Leafs fans, I have hard time thinking they would switch alliances. A little like when Ottawa (Leafs and Habs mixed in there) entered the league, but this would be a to a much bigger extent.

– Looks like the trend of giant logos in the center of college basketball courts is increasing. Can’t say I’m fan of these (though I love seeing school colors/spirit) and I’m talking about ones like those at Kansas, Rutgers, Clemson, Texas A&M, etc. There are great looking courts with small or normal sized logos. I’m a fan of Wisconsin’s, California’s and Missouri’s.

– Who doesn’t love watching football in the snow? Couple possibilities this weekend. Of course, Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo has the best opportunity. My Bills are playing Cleveland and they’ve played before in fun weather. Three years ago it was a lake effect winter wonderland in Cleveland and then last year was the wind. They play some awful games though as last year’s 6-3 game may have been the worst in the modern era. The timing of the storm might catch this Sunday’s game in a precip-type switch, but it is a possibility some heavy snow is falling. Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field likely sees some snow as well.

– This weekend, I would normally try to get in a new stadium visit, but I have a couple things going on both days, so I’ll give next Saturday a shot. Certainly nothing is set in stone yet, though I do have a few ideas. There’s only a few times a year where there’s an opportunity to see a game at HersheyPark Stadium and on the 18th at Noon is the Pennsylvania AA High School Football championship, so I may check that out. We’ll see if I feel like bearing the cold. There are a couple other afternoon options available in PA and both involve College Basketball arenas: Villanova plays Delaware at The Pavilion (though that may require some ticket searching) or I could consider Temple against Delaware at the Liacouras Center. Both facilities that would be great to visit. I’ll probably make a decision mid-week, once I also see how work plays out.


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