Summer Stadium Schedule (Version II)

Already made one edit as we are going to cut the Arthur Ashe Athletic Center and the Richmond Revolution out of the schedule. Unfortunately, we have to leave a little bit later in the morning on Saturday, May 29 and we just won’t be able to make the 1PM start and even just getting the 2nd half in would be tough. It doesn’t bother me too much as I found out the Revolution are moving next year to Chesterfield, VA and a newly built arena called SportQuest. That would leave the Ashe Center tenant-less and it doesn’t even look like they have high-school basketball to fall back on, so they would likely be off The List. Also, while trying to verify the questionable official capacity of this place, I found an interesting article on the arena (by my favorite college basketball writer, Kyle Whelliston).

The rest of the schedule should work. Lots of sports going on in Richmond Saturday Night as I also found that the Richmond Kickers soccer team are home and will be playing at UR Stadium. Instead, we’ll still visit the Coliseum.  Monday Night we’ll be at The Diamond (and if the weather screws with us, I could try to move that to Sunday Night). Bowie’s Prince George’s Stadium on June 1 will be a last-minute deal…depending upon if the wife is OK with an evening pit-stop there before heading home.

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