BIG Weekend Plan Changes!

Penn State

Had some great news earlier at work as a client had two Penn State football tickets (parking included) for this Saturday and could not use them. He offered them too us and after some thinking and trying to make sure this wouldn’t interfere with my work schedule, it looked like this would work. This was way too great of an opportunity to pass up, so I absolutely had to jump on it. The wife can’t make it, but my brother will be coming down to join me at the game. Wow, what a change in plans, from a simple High School Stadium in Allentown to spending the afternoon in Beaver Stadium (107,282), the largest stadium in the country! I’m very excited for the visit and really hope that the atmosphere is as good as advertised, even for an FCS opponent. I will be planning the trip tomorrow and likely will have a review/update early next week.

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