Stadium Planning the Rest of the Year

Baseball season is just about done, save for the MLB playoffs and the Atlantic League Championship Series (Somerset takes on Southern Maryland) and we’re fully into the Fall season. I love this time of year with football now in full force, hockey starting (opening night is tomorrow!!!) and me counting down the days to the start of the College Basketball season. As for the new stadiums the rest of the year, the next three months don’t work out great…but I had a fantastic year in terms of the new venues. This weekend will be the first I spend at home and don’t have to work in over a month, so I did not want to schedule anything. My work conference to Norfolk never panned out and we’re going to put attending that conference on hold. This didn’t matter as no games we’re being played in the area. So, I thought this was as good as time as ever to take a quick solo journey an hour west to Allentown and check the 15,000 seat J. Birney Crum Stadium off the list. I tentatively have planned a Saturday Night high school football game.

The only open weekend we can make a stadium trip in November is the 14th-15th and there are some venues available, but not a lot of options. The Sabres are in Philly, but that is the one city I vowed not to be an away fan in. (I will be going to the Prudential Center when they play the Devils in April). So, I think I will be taking that month off. Then comes December and we’ll head to the Bob Carpenter Center to see Delaware Blue Hens basketball. We’ll likely check out the Brandywine Valley in S. PA / N. DE and see the Christmas festivities there.  As always the plans are tentative and I think I’ll be focusing on college basketball arenas in the Jan-Mar timeframe. Thats all for now!

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