US Open is back and Updating the List

This part is non-stadium related…but is anyone else as sad as me to not see USA broadcasting the US Open. Last year was their final year and unfortunately ESPN took over. I thought USA was terrific on their coverage and their #1 team of Robinson-McEnroe was great as well. Plus who could ever beat that theme music! Now we get (ugh) ESPN, complete with bottom ticker and mish-mash announcing crew. I don’t understand how Chris Fowler made his way into play-by-play. He is a studio guy! He’s good at that and bad at calling games/matches. Likewise, why is Patrick McEnroe calling matches instead of commentating. Where’s Cliff? They all also seem to have this ‘aura’ about them. The only thing I’m glad to see is them giving Darren Cahill more time. Anyway, good to see the open back after a couple of decent US Open Series events (Del Potro looked the best).

As for the webpage, I will be updating The List and it will probably take a long time this month. Being gone a week will delay things, plus there’s a lot of leagues to be updated. Junior hockey begins, as does football and this also is when I slowly begin updating the college facilities for each sport (conference-by-conference).

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