New Football Stadiums in 2009

Larry W. Smith/European Pressphoto Agency (NY Times Photo)

With the football season starting soon, here’s a look at the new stadiums opening up.

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Cowboys Stadium (80,000)      replaces Texas Stadium
Comments: Well after soaking this in for a few weeks, it’s difficult for me to come up with an opinion. There are things that I find absolutely ridiculous: 1) the distracting video board that makes me think more than half the fans are watching the game on that than on the field (and of course the punting factor). 2) Home field advantage seems gone since it is so cavernous it’s hard to keep in noise. 3) The catering to the rich and businesses continue with the inordinate amount of suites. However, it is still an architectural marvel and there are some features that seem great, like the huge glass opening. I try not to completely study stadiums, in case of that random outside chance I ever get there, so I’d have to reserve judgment on if I like it or not until I’m there.

College Football
Minnesota Golden Gophers: TCF Bank Stadium (50,000)         replaces the Metrodome
Comments: Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! I am thrilled to see the Gophers get their own facility AND the Metrodome
still being home to the Vikings. Win-Win in my opinion (plus the Metrodome is my fave NFL dome, so loud!)

Akron Zips: InfoCision Stadium (30,000)      replaces the Rubber Bowl
Comments: Good to see Akron get an on-campus stadium. However, a horrible name replaces a great name. Seems like
the Rubber Bowl was deteriorating and had seen its time. Still sad to see old places go, though according to
Wikipedia it still may host high school football. After a ton of googling, I can’t find whether it will still host

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