Upcoming Stadium Visit Plans

2009-LLWS_09_logoMan, August has just flown by! I can’t believe we’re half-way past the month. Our next stadium trip was going to be Citi Field to see the New York Metropolitans. As usual, there has been a change. First off, because they are playing the Phillies, this is considered a “Gold Game” and there are no upper-level seats left. The cheapest seats available are $60, which is a joke since that is the third-cheapest out of the 20 or so levels of pricing they have. Since this is the new ballparks first year, I’m hoping prices come down a bit next year and we’ll go see a ‘value’ opponent. I really am not cheap, but its hard for me to justify spending $140 (with all those fees), when we can go another time for $60. Plus, we will see two MLB parks this year Philly and Arizona, so I have no problem waiting a season for NYY and NYM.

The other reason for the switch is because the stars have aligned for a trip to the  Lycoming Valley. I have never done a doubleheader, but on Sunday (Aug 23), it will be a tripleheader. There are three stadiums on The List in the Williamsport area (two are in South Williamsport) and all three will be in action on Sunday with the Little League World Series begins in a few days. So, I’ll be making the two-plus hour drive west to catch the US pool game at historic Lamade Stadium at 2 PM, then catch the end of the International game at 5,000 seat Volunteer Stadium, which starts at 3 PM. My guess is Little League games last 1:30. To end the day, across the river in Williamsport, the Single-A CrossCutters play at Bowman Field at 5:05. That’s a lot of baseball, but seeing three parks would be great, especially a couple of very historic ones. Can’t wait!

As for the rest of the year, we’re still gearing up for our Western trip to Phoenix-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas. Both tickets to the Diamondbacks and UNLV Football games have been made and we’re all set. In October, I’m going to be in Norfolk for a conference and was anxiously awaiting the release of the AHL schedule. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and the Admirals are not at home at the Scope arena. There are no other events at any of the other area stadiums, so no facilities to be visited down there…bummer. Also, I’m going to hold off on a November trip to the Prudential Center in Newark and wait till the last regular season game April 12, when the Sabres are in town on a Sunday. So later next month, I’ll be piecing together the rest of the fall schedule.

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