Quick Review on Madden 2010


I got my Madden game thanks to Amazon yesterday and after playing a few games, here are some random thoughts: Overall, its a solid game and the player animations are stunning as usual. But, what in the world is the deal with some of the player faces? Dick Jauron looks like he has a new face plastered on his skull (ala that movie with John Travolta) and Bill Belichek looks nowhere near himself. Some of the players look dead on and some are way off. I do like the Pro-Tak features. Probably the best feature is the online franchise. I haven’t tried this as I’m going to do a regular season vs the computer first, but to have a 32-player ‘real season’ conducted is incredible. A couple things that bug me is the presentation. Yes, the graphics and stadiums are beautifully detailed, but how bout more of a pre-game intro? It seems so rushed. It drives me nuts how after you score a TD, the crowd briefly roars and then is back to its normal hum. They talked about bringing the NFL presentation back, but that is still lacking…along with the mail-it-in performance from the commentators. But overall, the game is fun. Definitely my favorite sports game is the NHL series. NHL 09 is just incredible and the play-backability is sick. So addicting…looking forward to that release!

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