Stadium Reviews Completed

Finally the Stadium Reviews to the right hand side of the page have all been completed and are now on the site. That took some time, but it certainly would have taken longer to redo everything from my original format in Word. A couple of notes: The first few reviews I redid a little bit because they were basically hometown stadiums and arenas. I did not get a digital camera until March of 2004, so all of the photos prior to #26 Copps Coliseum were scanned in from a regular camera. Thats why the quality sucks with those images. Otherwise, when I get back from a new place you will see the review within a few days.

I’ve been planning a Vegas trip for the last few weeks and its almost booking time, I just want to make sure we are good to go with everything. Being gone for seven days, I really want to see 3 stadiums (ideally, I want seven but that wouldn’t go over well), but it looks like we’ll get in two. The plan is to head to Phoenix to spend a day and a half there and see Chase Field, drive to the Grand Canyon and then to Vegas for five days. While in Vegas, UNLV is playing Oregon State at Sam Boyd Stadium, so we’ll check that out. Too bad the 51s (triple A baseball) stink, or else we could have seen a playoff game. I’ll update the schedule and another post once we’re finallized and good to go!

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