Lakewood Report


We’re back from a full day at the Jersey Shore. Before heading off to FirstEnergy Park and seeing the BlueClaws, we took off to see some of the shore at Point Pleasant Beach. The beach and area were pretty nice and there were definitely some cool stuff. There is a long boardwalk and in the middle is where a lot of attractions are. We spent some time at the aquarium and playing some mini-golf. We ran out of time to grab dinner because there are some big pains into heading here. A hot Saturday in mid-July = crappy traffic. The Garden State Parkway was packed and we lost about 45 min in traffic. Once your out of the traffic, you then have to find a place to park, which is no problem if you want to pay $18 freakin dollars! No thanks, we’ll walk from metered spots on the street. Oh yeah, you want to lay on our beach, that will be $8. I think we’ll pass on day trips here, however I’ve never seen true “beach houses” before and those we’re pretty awesome. It would be a sweet summer to rent that with friends and have a house that sits right on the boardwalk and beach.

We then headed about 20 minutes west to the other side of the parkway in Lakewood. Once again, I really enjoyed this park. We’ve been on a nice string of stadia lately (except for NH). I love how this park uses all of the space it has, by filling it with lawn areas or picnic spots. It is also enclosed, which is great when there is no view. I’ve only seen the minor league 360 degree concourse in Allentown and they had one here too, another great touch. Food prices were high (almost the same as Philly), but that was really my only complaint. Great atmosphere in a very well done ballpark. Kudos Lakewood! To check out a more detailed review, it is on the right of the page and I’m hoping to have it up later today. Otherwise, it will be up on Wednesday as I’m off to a brief work retreat, a little further down the shore in Atlantic City.

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