Out And About In Princeton

Saturday was just a picture-perfect weather day here in the Northeast and it made for a splendid backdrop while spending time in Princeton. I just love the town as there are so many unique shops and restaurants down Nassau Street, while Palmer Square is a perfect place to relax with a bite to eat. I always get great vibes walking around here and there are so many dogs out with their owners and I enjoy all of the diverse accents and languages heard across town. I brought my daughter with me and after we enjoyed lunch on a park bench from Jammin Crepes, we walked through campus to Princeton Stadium.

That campus walk is everything you would expect from an Ivy League school and it indeed is a mix of history, architecture and prestige. For the football team, this would be their first home game since 2019 and they were met with a hearty welcome back by the fans. Though, it was a small crowd with only about 4,000 of the 27,733 seats full. We sat down low at first, but then kickoff spooked Shayla into thinking that she would be hit by the football, so we then moved up to the upper-deck and a view that I greatly prefer. Much of the game was pre-occupied by Stomp the Lanternfly as Shayla performed her civic duty throughout. I meanwhile watched a beatdown of a different type on the field as Princeton outclassed Stetson, 63-0. It was as bad as it sounds. The Tigers have yet to allow a point in two games this season. I really wish Ivy teams would play in the FCS Playoffs because I would love to see those results.

Princeton Stadium is the newest in the Ivy, having been built in 1998. The seating is pretty good thanks to steep rows and two levels for most of the seating bowl. The outer exterior helps to close off the stadium in a good way and concourse functionality is also great. However, my beef with this place (as it was when I first visited in 2006) is that it is still kinda dull. The Tigers have a great logo and colors (orange/black)…give me more of that! Beige concrete dominates throughout and I wish we could see more character here, along with more historical displays. At least in the last 15 years they’ve added a little inside the stadium with a display for championship years and tiger striping on the lower wall around the field. Regardless, this is a pretty good stadium experience and Princeton is 2nd in my Ivy League Stadium Rankings.

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  1. Was there for a friday night game against Lafayette in October 2019 and it’s as nice of an area at night as it is during the day. The crowd at the stadium was probably only slightly more than when you went but it was another beatdown by Princeton.

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