Upcoming Plans

Before we get to an upcoming trip, I’ll be in Rochester, NY this weekend for a brief family thing and while there, I plan on stopping at a Red Wings game in Frontier Field. Even though I’m in the area every summer, it’s been eight years since I’ve been at my old hometown ballpark, so it will be nice to get the warm and fuzzies once again. The big question is what to eat and drink at the place that has the best options in the minor leagues (in my opinion).

As for summer vacation, we’ve had plans for DisneyWorld and sports stops involving Orlando City (MLS) and the Savannah Bananas (Coastal Plain League). However, given how ridiculously crazy the Covid situation is in Florida right now, we’ve unfortunately decided to cancel that trip. Thankfully, we never told our kids (ages 6 and 2) that we were going in case something stupid happens. We still want to vacation as it’s been quite awhile and we’re making a pivot.

On our travels throughout the country we like to explore different states and while I’ve been to Ohio a few times, we really haven’t explored much of Indiana. So that’s where we’ll be in a little over a week and we’ll set up shop in Indianapolis and Cincinnati for a chunk of time. Disney it is not (no offense Hoosiers or Buckeyes), but we’ll still have a good time and there’s plenty that we’ll have in store for the kids. On the stadium agenda, we’ve got three: An Indians game at Victory Field, a Reds day game at Great American Ball Park and quarterfinals of the Western & Southern Financial Open in the Lindner Family Tennis Center. That last one I’ll be going alone and for the Reds, it’ll be a day game which will be more conducive to spreading out more. Hopefully next week’s heat dissipates some before we get there. I’ll be back later in the month with a recap of the games!

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