Best Sports Announcers – Part 2: Soccer

As quarantine continues and the reality that sports travel is a long, long way off from returning, let’s continue with the Sports Announcer Series. Up next: Soccer

Favorite Play by Play

  1. Arlo White (NBC) – He takes a soccer match and elevates it to another level. As the lead Premier League commentator, soccer fans in the States have it so good with Arlo in the gantry. He has a unique voice when it comes to goals and I remember him at his best in this Liverpool-Man City match a few years ago, specifically when Sadio Mane scored.
  2. John Strong (Fox) – The best American soccer voice, bar none. While the whole Fox soccer experience disappoints in many ways, I am very thankful that big tournaments have John on the call and I hope it is that way for a long time.
  3. Ian Darke (ESPN) – Oh I miss him. We only hear him on a few USMNT games and a random Premier League game or two. Even common fans could recognize that voice as he lead the terrific World Cup coverage in 2010 and 2014.


Favorite Analyst

  1. Stuart Holden (Fox) – Unfairly underrated and I put him in “Tony Romo” category. So natural and such a great fit with John Strong, Stu is fantastic at analyzing a game and talking in the right spots. Relatable and likable.
  2. Ray Hudson (beIN) – There is no one like him and he certainly is an acquired taste. Between his orgasmic yells and his hilarious one-liners, I would tune in just for him. Now too bad he’s with Phil Schoen.
  3. Lee Dixon / Graeme Le Saux (NBC) – Nothing spectacular, just solid analysis and friendly banter with Arlo.



  1. Taylor Twellman (ESPN) – Please Shut Up!!! He honestly may be my most disliked broadcaster in all of sports. I feel like I’m being scolded and yelled at when watching a game. He talks way too much and is incredibly arrogant, smug and condescending.
  2. Max Bretos (ESPN) – Studio guy that isn’t that great as he tries to be loose and cool. It’s even worse when he gets a crack at calling a game.
  3. Warren Barton (Fox) – Beyond the fantastic #1 team at Fox is a bunch of crap and that includes moving people back and forth between the studio and on-site. Boring, dull and predictable best describe Barton.

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