This time of year, I would normally recap a hockey trip or preview the upcoming ballpark changes for the new baseball season. But we all sadly know that life has completely changed here in the year 2020. Every day honestly feels like a bad dream and it is hard to face reality when each new day is more grim than the prior one. But, it will get better. This will not go on forever. I pray for all those that have been both directly and indirectly affected by the virus. So far, our family has been fortunate as we have remained healthy, while my wife and I are continuing to work and we’re thankful for that and sincerely hope it stays that way. It has been challenging and I know so many have face far greater challenges and we are thinking of you.

While recognizing that sports and my hobby of stadium visits is trivial, it still makes people feel good and it’s ok to miss them. I am a somewhat emotional person and I have a feeling the next time I walk through a concourse gate into an open field of play, it will be with a tear in my eye. In the meantime, my original Spring and Summer plans are postponed like everyone else’s and I look forward to re-evaluating future games once that day comes. As a result, our website will be quiet for awhile, but I’ll try to post a thing or two periodically to break up the monotony and difficulty of this whole thing.

All the best.

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