Fraida Felcher? From Cranston?

Sorry, I’m not actually heading to Cranston, Rhode Island, I just can’t resist pulling out a Dumb & Dumber quote every now and then. I am heading to Rhode Island and one of the most underrated enjoyable cities around: Providence. There’s a lot to do there and the city has plenty of neighborhoods worth checking out. One of them is College Hill and I’m planning on driving in Friday to spend some time in that area as it is the location of Brown University. The main reason I’m going to Brown is for football as Brown Stadium will complete my trip through the Ivies as I will have seen each of the Ancient Eight stadiums. The game itself also has meaning, but not for the home side as the last-place Bears take on first-place Dartmouth. The Big Green need a win to at least share the Ivy title. It’s a Saturday game at Noon and I’ll head home right after. Coming in to town Friday gives me the afternoon to check out College Hill and go to a hockey game at night as Brown plays Clarkson at Meehan Auditorium. Back next week with a wrap-up!

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