Random College Basketball Thoughts

I’ve been watching a lot of college basketball the last few weeks as we are in my favorite time of year. But to quote Frank Costanza: “I’ve got a lot of problems with you people! And now you’re going to hear about them!”

…For my sanity, please go to a challenge system! I am about to lose my mind if I see one more image of referees crowding around a monitor. It is so absurd that they can’t make a decision in the final two minutes and need to check who the ball went out of bounds on or that the clock should be 35.2 seconds instead of 34.3. I get it, some (stressing some) of the outcomes are vital to who wins the game and need to be right. But this replay thing is sapping the fun and flow out of the game. Just like other sports, have the coaches challenge a call. Give them two per game and call it a day.

…Speaking of the refs, why can coaches berate them, yet players say something remotely questioning under their breath and they get T’d up? Happened in the Buffalo-Bowling Green game.

…I’ll continue my ref rant for a little while more: Stop telling players to sit down on the bench. The coach is standing (and sometimes has a foot on the court), but players can’t stay on their feet for a bit to clap and cheer?

….You get a technical foul for softly trash talking now? C’mon. I was at the Hartford-Albany game and two guys jawing at each other (not yelling) both got a T. What a joke.

…After a buzzer beater, watch those idiot referees closely. They are so obsessed with their stupid replays, that they blow their whistle incessantly, wave their hands and try to stop the crazed bench/starters floor celebration (the most fun part for teams and fans), so they can “take a look at it”. Even when it’s obvious to somebody not trained that the basket is good and the buzzer sounded.

…TV Producers: We don’t care about the coaches handshake. I know you have a giant boner for the can-do-no-wrong, almighty head coach, but after a game winner or a championship, I want to see players celebrating with each other, not the handshake line.

…Stop saying Bid Thief! They did not steal a bid, they earned a bid. If you want to go to the NCAA Tournament, win your conference. It’s that simple. Stop demeaning these teams that earn it by harping on how they “took one” from a bubble team.

…I understand announcers have to take their cue from directors and producers, but ESPN’s directives make the game hard to watch. I went to mute during Belmont-Murray State as Doug Sherman (who I normally love) and Malcolm Huckaby told us at least 30 times….how there were x number of NBA scouts in the building (including Magic Johnson!!!), how Ja Morant is a top 5 lottery pick (and the greatest of all time), how Joe Lunardi says that Belmont is in even with a loss!

…The cursive writing of team name on a uniform is cute and it looks good on Seton Hall. But wayyy too many teams are using it that shouldn’t after it became cool again when the Pirates brought it back.

…I’m not a complete grouch as there are some good things: Andrew Catalon and Steve Lappas are a joy as they have become my favorite announce team. Such great chemistry and they offer solid analysis and insight. Nothing is fake or forced with them. Lapp is really good at breaking things down and being honest while Catalon calls a terrific game and is excellent with his voice during big moments. Wish these guys got to be one of the four pairings calling the Regionals.

…I love a conference tournament that has a standard bracket (no double bye) and a consistent, geographically-sensical host. That makes the MAC and Missouri Valley two personal favorites. I especially get all warm and fuzzy when watching Arch Madness and hearing a Casey’s General Store promo from John Rooney.

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