A Spur Of The Moment Game

Monday was an unusual day for me: a deviation from the routine. A long work weekend meant that I took a little bit of a break on Monday and I realized a nice de-stresser would be a sporting event. My love for college basketball has waned over the last several years for a multitude of reasons, but I still have that urge now and again. With stadium reviewing not the focus, I perused the light schedule for something. There were two options: Indiana at Rutgers or Bucknell at Lehigh. Easy decision here: Bucknell-Lehigh. The Bison came in with first place in the Patriot League and I prefer following the geographically-sensible conferences. This was a terrific game of basketball and it made me fall in love all over again. Clean, hard-working play and no showboating shenanigans by either side as they played their tails off in an entertaining affair. Lehigh shot nearly 50% from behind the arc and the game went to OT after Bucknell missed a shot near the buzzer. In the extra frame, the Mountain Hawks continued their shot-making and Jordan Cohen was money from the line. The Bison still had a chance to send the game to Double OT, but they missed as well and Lehigh celebrated their victory. Games like these, where there is not 15 replay reviews or the mention of “Trey Young” 55 times makes me want to get back into following the sport hardcore again. As for Stabler Arena, this was my third visit to the arena and it is one of the biggest in the Patriot League. Not much change in there as it is a well-lit and comfortable building to watch a game. The crowd was around 1,000 with many decked out in Eagles gear. They were the best that I’ve heard them in my three visits as they really picked it up in the final four minutes. The students too, who sat most of the time behind the basket, stood up and got into it towards the end. Best thing of the night: The awesome halftime show put on by the Bucks County Bungee Jumpers. They were phenomenal and deservedly drew the loudest applause of the night from the crowd. Check them out!


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