The New Stadium Journey


Many of you know that I also write for Stadium Journey, an expansive venture that provides readers with informative reviews of stadiums around the world. As you would think, it is right up my alley and the network that founder Paul Swaney has built is quite remarkable. With SJ being the primary source of information for those looking to head to a new sports facility for the first time, the growth has necessitated development in the website. I’m blown away how time is flying as I’ve done reviewing there since 2010 and as Stadium Journey gets closer to their 10th anniversary, it is with great excitement to see the website revamped and launched yesterday. With Scout’s vast resources, bigger and better things are on the horizon and the new site really helps navigating the hundreds (thousands?) of stadiums reviewed. My favorite aspect of the website is the Forums. As an avid sports traveler, our niche has lacked a centralized place for like people to communicate and share thoughts and ideas. This is exactly what stadium aficionados like myself need. In addition, there are many times, where I’ve had to surf and sift my way through the internet to try and find true feedback from locals about their team home. They not only provide valuable information on key review aspects, but also can help as I plan a trip in regards to restaurants, parking, parts of a city to visit/avoid, getting tickets, etc. I’m hoping both stadium lovers and general sports fans converge on these boards to get conversations going on the stadium experience. I’m truly excited for the new SJ website launch and you’ll see me active on the forums as sports traveler nuts now have an online social home!


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