Virginia Basketball Trip Restarted


This time we are a go to take a trip for some basketball! After the Blizzard of 2016 cancelled my plans for a college doubleheader in Norfolk, the weather looks beautiful for a return to Virginia. Instead of the Tidewater, I’ll be heading to the state’s capital in Richmond, where the schedule has aligned nicely. We’ll start with a bit of touring downtown on Saturday before hopping a neighborhood over to The Fan for a visit to the Siegel Center and red-hot VCU. The Rams have won 11 in a row and they’ll take on GW. This is probably my most anticipated college basketball game yet as their arena is raucous and their fans aid in producing “Havoc”. After the game, I’ll have a few hours before heading to the opposite world out in the suburban outskirts of the city, where the private University of Richmond plays. Their game at the Robins Center is at 6 PM and it should be a good atmosphere as well with tickets to the game quite limited. I’ll then head back to Jersey on Sunday, in time for Super Bowl festivities. College Arenas #28 and #29 on my list should be great and I’m really looking forward to this one. Back next week!


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