Arrrggh winter…Upcoming plans

Driving to Akron

I love planning stadium trips…seeing what combinations can be made is enjoyable for organization obsessive people like me and of course, there is the fun of looking forward to traveling and stadium visiting. But every year, I get caught up in this excitement and plan winter trips when I know full well that the weather can wreak havoc on those plans (both for work and driving purposes). Oops, I did it again. After working up a cool trip to the Hampton Roads with an Old Dominion – Norfolk State doubleheader this weekend, our first major storm on the East Coast has shattered those plans. Bummer, as I was especially looking forward to a game at ODU’s Constant Center. On a side note, planning a game for Norfolk State was the opposite of the enjoyable experience I had with ODU. Norfolk State’s communication is poor as the email correspondence I had with them was remarkably disorganized (and they don’t know how to properly use a CC). The work I had to do just to figure out how I could get on campus (a pass is needed to enter campus) earlier in the day to take pictures of the arena was something I haven’t had to contend with in the other 40 college campuses I’ve been on.

Looking ahead, I’m still hoping to make an early March trip work, which includes an NHL game in Pittsburgh. That would be sandwiched between a couple of return visits, one for Cornell basketball and the other for Erie hockey. I’m still trying for a college basketball trip as well, hopefully in a few weeks. It’s probably a good idea to hold off on looking too deep into that, but who am I kidding, I’m sure the research will begin as soon as I finish this post. College basketball offers the most diverse and enjoyable arena experiences, but man is it tough to plan out. 


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