Eagles Coming Up


The general expense and relative short season of the NFL has kept me from visiting many of their stadiums, but that will indeed change as I visit Philadelphia next Sunday (Oct 11) to see the Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field. While NFL stadiums have more of a corporate feel than the pageantry involved with the more enjoyable live college counterpart, I am really looking forward to this game as for one day (and one day only) I can feel what it’s like to be part of the Eagles fan fraternity. They are crazy about their team and while the stereotypes have been written ad nauseam, I’m eagerly awaiting to see the game-day atmosphere and experiencing one of the most passionate fan bases. Let’s just say they are not in a good mood right now. This will be my third visit to an active NFL stadium and my brother will join me for this one. I’ll be back with a write-up the day after the game. 


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