Top Mascots

The Original Moose, mascot of the Rochester Americans of the AHL (image from
The Original Moose, mascot of the Rochester Amerks of the AHL (image from

Ah the mascot. A staple in the sports stadium scene as this costumed character is in charge of bringing fun to the crowd. While they cater to kids, a truly great mascot is one that can entertain both child and adult. Normally when I am out visiting a new sports facility, I hardly notice the mascot roaming around, so if they are able to make a good impression, it is noteworthy. Below are the top mascots that I’ve seen in the over 150 stadiums visited so far.

1) The MooseRochester Americans (AHL)
Full disclosure on this one as I grew up in Rochester and have probably been to 50 Amerks games. With that being said, I still think The Moose is as good as it gets. The costume is “classic mascot” with the teddy bear like body and stuffed animal face that kids just eat up, while the antics are loved by adults that still are a kid at heart. My favorite move is when The Moose would go to the side board near the net and he would put on the glass a stick-on toy. There was this button he would be holding where the toy (designed as a boy) would pull down his pants and moon the other side. Loved watching him do that as the opposing goalie took a break and wandered towards the glass.

2) SluggoEugene Emeralds (Northwest League)
Sluggo is downright for adults. His mischievous antics are well-known throughout the circuit and I was first introduced by watching him throw water balloons into the opposing team’s dugout. Think about that for a second. I laughed more than a few times throughout the game and could not believe some of the stuff it got away with.

3) Otto the OrangeSyracuse Orange (NCAA)
He may be a little over-hyped thanks to ESPN’s love of Syracuse, but he is adorable! Who can result a puffy orange ball with a happy face? He is not only fun to look at, but you’ve also got to love his moves that fit the character so well like the disco thing he likes doing with his hands and those somersaults where he tucks his feet in.

4) Philly PhanaticPhiladelphia Phillies (MLB)
Here is a classic that still shines. The Phanatic has provided nearly 40 years of phun at Phillies games and his shtick never gets old. Quite a bit of time has passed since the Lasorda/Phanatic dust up in 1988, yet after watching it again, it’s almost impossible not to laugh out loud. It’s good to see some people have lightened up years later.

5) The HawkSt. Joseph’s Hawks (NCAA)
The Hawk Never Dies. More of an exhibitionist than entertainer, The Hawk spends the entire game flapping his wings, not once stopping. You can’t help checking in on it during stoppages of play just to see if those wings are still going. And they are.


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