Dec 2014 Stadium of the Month – Independence Bowl

Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA (image from Stadium Journey)


This month’s featured stadium is more out of sympathy and enlightenment than anything else and ironically, I was thinking of doing this before Tim Brando went all berserk. As a bowl destination, Shreveport, LA does not exactly drum up images of excited college fans flocking in. Nor should it really as the largest city on the I-20 corridor between Dallas and Jackson is merely a stop-over for many. Dig a little deeper and there are reasons to enjoy a visit in what is a gambling hotspot (there are 5 casinos between Shreveport-Bossier City). Aside from the slots and tables, there are several museums and a rejuvenated downtown section along the Red River that is worth checking out. Of course, the food is always an excellent reason to head to Louisiana and Shreveport is no different with plenty of great spots for Cajun, Po-Boys and a remarkable Strawberry Pie.

So what about the stadium? This is one of the rare places with a huge seating capacity and no home tenant. The 49,565-seat facility plays to area high schools every Friday Night and then its only other time on the “big” stage is once a year for a bowl game, typically between two middling teams. While the location off of I-20 is ideal for driving in, the surrounding neighborhood and distance from the city is generally undesirable. What I do like about this stadium is the historic simplicity. Built in 1925, but renovated many times over, you have a bowl topped by a sideline upper deck with ideal views. Atmosphere and amenities are not a reason to visit Independence Stadium, but a too-often overlooked city and stadium deserve at least some attention and the consideration of a trip.


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