Winter Wins This Battle

A Traffic Cam from I-380 in the Pocono's on Saturday Afternoon

This certainly has been a grueling winter season for much of the country and while I love snowstorms, it is getting a little old. After spending way more time in my work office than my own house, hope for a little breather was dashed on Saturday with another shot of snow. The plan was already shaky given the next arriving system, but I was hoping to get to Ithaca, NY and a Cornell hockey game at Lynah Rink, where I was fortunate enough to grab a ticket. The 3 hour drive would bring me through Northeast PA and the Poconos on my way to the Finger Lakes. I had about a six hour window to get there, but that entire window was filled with six inches of snow and some pretty crappy roads. Take into account my sedan that does not have four-wheel drive and unwilling to deal with what I had two February’s ago, it was best to stay home. Instead, it was a day of Olympic watching and catching up on other neglected things.

Alas, it looks like no new visits this month and we’ll play it by ear where we head next. I’ve been wanting a pro game for awhile and it might be time to head to Brooklyn to check out the Barclays Center. I also saw an intriguing doubleheader in mid-March that is possible down in DC. A Capitals game, followed by a visit to Show Place Arena for the CAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Though given this season, I may just use any lone free days and look on The List for a place to go.


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