Up Next: Carnesecca Arena

So I have been eyeing this Saturday as a date for the next stadium visit and it looks like it should work out. There are only a couple new winter season places to visit that are local and the decision I had was between the on-campus arenas at either Villanova or St. John’s. With the Wildcats having such a great season, tickets would be very hard to come by at The Pavilion. Add in the fact that I can visit nearby in-laws on Long Island by heading to St John’s and the combination clinched Carnesecca Arena out in Queens as the spot I’ll head to. It’s an oddly placed game in the schedule as the Redmen Storm play a non-conference game against Dartmouth. This comes after five straight Big East games and is at the end of a busy three games in five days stretch. Been a rough period for the Johnies so I’m interested to see if they rebound and how their “talent” reacts. Otherwise, we’ll be checking out the on-campus Queens arena named after the coaching legend  and looking forward to see if the arena properly honors this storied program. Back next week with a wrap-up and official review!

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