Go. Think. Remember…Thank You

Bally from midmajority.com
Bally from midmajority.com

Ten Years. Ten years is a long time and I never thought a website would have such a profound impact on me. In
2004, Kyle Whelliston began the Mid-Majority. I was drawn to it within a year or two because it involved my two biggest loves in sports: Traveling and College Basketball. Yet through the years, I realized that my daily reading was more than just an interest in visits to small college basketball arenas. There was a neat little niche that was strangely attracted and obsessed with the Beautiful Season and those below the now blurred Red Line. At the same time, Kyle’s writing grabbed me and had my undivided emotional interest every time I read. When he stopped his travels and the site went on through the readers, it was sad, yet powerful at the same time that this small group believed. Now, the chapter is closing on a website that was much more than that. It is going out the right way and I look forward to reading about Raymond’s travels across the country, along with Matt and Kraig’s pieces along the way. While this post may seem a little off-topic from the normal stadium travels, it really isn’t. The Mid-Majority has always been about going out to see live sports, specifically the small-world in college basketball. Those that have been engulfed by TMM know what is it like, but if you have not been there…I highly encourage to follow along or contribute this last season. There is not much pure left in the sports world these days, but sometimes, it can be found for a few hours inside a far away gym in Brookings, SD or Natchitoches, LA or Elon, NC. And for bringing those stories and feelings to all of us. Thank You Mid-Majority and Thank You Kyle.

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