With hot weather in place or arriving across much of the nation, that Summer feel has returned me into a baseball frame of mind, despite the excitement of this past weekend’s football (and despite baseball being the lower rung of sports likeness for me). So we’ll take one last venture to the ballpark this week before closing that chapter and heading to a football game later in the month. The Eastern League Championship Series, along with much of the minor-league playoffs, takes place this week and Trenton hosts Games 1 and 2. Since it’s only an hour away, I will head into the Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer Park) for Game 2 on a hot Wednesday Night against Harrisburg. This is a return visit from six years ago and will also serve the purpose of compiling and updating a new Stadium Journey review. Also want to a plug a pretty awesome stadium journey going on as Sean MacDonald is taking a season long trip to see a game in every NFL stadium this season. Follow along here and here and live vicariously through in Sean in this amazing venture!


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