After well over a year of work, the cleaning up of all reviews is finally done! Avid readers may remember a post ages ago outlining my plan to get all of the stadium rankings and reviews on the same template. A decade of visits and travel have made me value some things more while others less and I finally settled upon a system that has worked very well. While going back and painstakingly cleaning up about 80 older reviews with this new style, I also took the time to add more pictures to the webpage and include the program and ticket I collect from each venue. Yes, at times this seemed like an endless task, but the satisfaction and completeness of it all was worth it in the end. There’s still a little work to be done on the website over the next few months as I’ll be tweaking and re-arranging some things here and there. One of those done today was to update all of my stadium review headers with the current name on the venue, as opposed to the stadium name when I first visited. I’ll also be adding a Map section, which I tried before, but will now be much easier thanks to Google.

OK, enough semantics….Next visit is Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg for one of the games in the August 16-18 timeframe. Though this may not seem like a big trip, it is for me because that will complete every Eastern League stadium! It is the first league I will have seen a game in each venue and it will be an awesome feeling to plant the Stadium and Arena Visits flag in every E.L. ballpark.

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